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Turmeric for Dogs and benefits

Benefits Of Turmeric For DogsTurmeric is considered as a staple food if you reside in the Southern and Eastern part of the world. Turmeric is the prime ingredient in cooking, apart from the food, turmeric is widely used in making dyes and herbal medicines. The cucurmin, the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory part of turmeric is responsible for providing turmeric its color and antiseptic properties. Cucurmin is also a very active component  in turmeric, which helps in curing lots of diseases in human beings as well as dogs.

Turmeric for dogs plays a vital role in providing them health benefits. Some of the health benefits of turmeric are discussed below:


Benefits of Turmeric:

  • Heart Health: Dogs are very susceptible to high cholesterol and blood clots. Turmeric makes the blood thinner and reduce the risk of blood clots, which in turn reduces the heart problems and strokes. But high doses of Turmeric can lead to lots of problems in dogs so you should check with your pet for proper medication.
  • Anti-inflammatory Effects: Turmeric is said to have anti-inflammatory properties which help in easing pain of dogs. Almost all the breed of dogs is prone to Arthritis but because of anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric it helps them in getting rid of the disease. Anti-inflammatory properties are clubbed with antiseptic effects of turmeric helps in easing out all the skin problems of the dogs.
  • The Detoxifier: Liver is the organ of our body which helps in excreting the acids and toxins from our body. Bile production in our body is stimulated by cucurmin and is necessary for the digestion of fat.  For a healthy lifestyle bile production is very necessary and therefore dogs in the best of their health requires 20% of fats in their diet.  Turmeric for dogs helps in excreting the waste products from the body and also helps the liver so that it can metabolize the fats.
  • Anti Cancer Properties:  Doctors and Scientists have lately found out that turmeric can help in getting rid of cancer too. It can block the various enzymes which cause neck and Head cancer.
  • Turmeric for dogs has various uses;  getting rid of allergies, reduces the chance of cataract formation in dogs, heals stomach problems, helps in metabolism of fats and maintenance of fats. Turmeric for dogs can be used in the treatment of Diarrhea but try to make sure that your dog also drinks enough water and yogurt with turmeric because there are can be some repercussions that he can suffer from stomach upset or constipation.

Before feeding your dog turmeric powder try to consult a vet because high doses of turmeric have its dangerous side effects too. Your pet can have a rise in temperature, it will not result in fever, but he may have a high  running temperature. High doses of turmeric can lead to skin rashes. So, if your pet is going through some medication or if pregnant so try to consult a vet regarding the addition of a quantity of turmeric to your pet’s food.

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